Our expertise

What makes us unique

Access to professionally-managed blockchain mining warehouse at scale

Lowest energy cost in different locations to ensure the best performance

Diversification of your strategy

Real time monitoring of your blockchain mining activity


Our values

We create the conditions for the success of long lasting and scalable hosting infrastructure, securing blockchain mining and business continuity


We are commited to deliver excellent product and service to our customers


Sustainability in our practices and operations is at the core of our strategy


We push the boundaries and challenge the status quo.


We believe in creating a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality, and effective communication.

Our customers

We thrive and succeed together

Anthony Lesoismier

Chief Product Officer

“Delighted with the mining rig provided by Hearst — its consistent payouts and efficient performance represent a transformative asset for crypto enthusiasts such as ourselves at Swissborg!”

Claude Eguienta

Chief Financial Officer

“From the outset, we have been thoroughly impressed by the caliber of services delivered by the Hearst solution team. Having subscribed to Mining as a Service already, we are now on the verge of committing to additional offerings.”

Gael Itier

Chief Executive Officer

“Impressed with the reliability and support from Hearst — Our investment in their hardware has turned our interest for Bitcoin into a rewarding and exciting venture!”

The process

From design to mining



We meticulously analyze the market to identify optimal hardware and data center combinations tailored to our customers’ needs.



We closely monitor the deployment process of the hardware, overseeing every step from contract signing to on-site installation.



We oversee blockchain mining operations, offering an advanced software solution for comprehensive operation monitoring and beyond.


What we offer

Data center

With over 8 years of experience in operating data centers, our teams excel in managing the end-to-end process, from hardware procurement and infrastructure setup to ongoing monitoring and management.

Infrastructure scaling

With 20 years of experience in high-quality and reliable data centers, we establish the conditions necessary for the success of long-lasting and scalable hosting infrastructure, ensuring revenue and business continuity.

Immersion cooling

This method involves cooling hardware by immersing it directly in a non-conductive liquid. The heat generated by the electronic components is then transferred directly to the fluid, thereby reducing the need for interface materials.

We strive for execellence

Hearst Solution Leadership

Adrien Nejkovic

Chief Executive Officer

Loic Ricci

Chief Operation Officier

Henri Al Helaly

Chief Strategy Officer

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